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There are a vast amount of client requirements available to IT staffing companies… and an equally large pool of available IT professionals to fill them. With this high volume of both supply and demand, it is becoming exceedingly difficult for IT staffing companies to accurately, and efficiently, manage their processes. IT staffing companies need a solid management system that can aid in creating a database of candidates, tracking the progress of marketing those candidates, or tracking candidate submissions, interviews, and placements.

Sysnet Technology solutions is developing the Applicant Tracking System; a resource management tool designed specifically for IT staffing companies. Sysnet tools makes use of proven methodologies, enabling IT staffing companies to efficiently track candidates through the various stages of the submission process. The Applicant Tracking System will help customers manage prospective and current IT candidates as they are marketed, and helps track them through the vendor submission, client submission, and interview phases.

The Applicant Tracking System will integrate with outside email providers, ensuring minimal impact to daily processes. This feature minimizes any impact on daily operations by using existing tools, and communicates with the web application in order to track progress, efficiency, and productivity. The plug-in functionality enables users to make submissions, from vendor submissions straight through job placements, right through their email provider.

  • Email Plug-In for Candidate Submissions
  • Email Plug-In for Submission Tracking
  • Project End Date Tracking

    Additionally, the Sysnet Applicant Tracking System will provide team performance tracking and the management of open job requirements. Customers will gain a measurement methodology for submissions, interviews, confirmations, requirements and placement rates . Therefore, not only can customers manage candidates and submissions, they can measure and analyze team performance, vendor and client relationships, and candidate profile strength.

  • Requirement Management
  • Requirement Tracking
  • Robust Reporting

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