Use Cases --- CRM Integration

Customer wanted to integrate their existing databases with a new CRM program, while maintaining a customized degree of flexibility.

*The Problem-
This customer had a unique requirement. They wanted to fully integrate their current client database with a new CRM system, but wanted to maintain certain separations within the data. As an ongoing project, the customer would need a professional who could maintain this new CRM implementation.

*The Solution-
Sysnet Technology Solutions placed a professional with this customer in order to both correctly implement the desired CRM configurations, but also maintain those systems as per the customer requirements. This integration proceeded quickly and smoothly, maintaining access to the entire client database without interruption.

*Client Benefits-
Having this professional on board allowed the customer to attain the desired CRM configuration, and ultimately their database of clients grew and improved. The Sysnet professional remained on board to maintain that CRM configuration and continue improving the client database.

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