Use Cases --- Consulting / Data Warehousing

This client had a strong need for someone who could act in the roles of both applications administrator and data warehouse developer. The client needed the individual to take complete control of the client data warehousing system and its’ daily operations.

*The Problem-
This client lacked the personnel and expertise to develop and maintain a secure data repository for their very sensitive customer information. In order to cut operating costs and maximize ROI, they needed an individual who could not only develop the data warehouse, but who would also be able to maintain the daily operations and act as the administrator.

*The Solution-
Sysnet provided a data warehousing expert who worked closely with the client in understanding their needs. Once it was determined what those needs entailed, this individual built a customized data warehouse and continues to manage its’ daily operations.

*Client Benefits-
Having sought Sysnet Technology Solutions to provide this data warehousing expert, the client was able to eliminate costs associated with applicant seeking as well as other associated costs with bringing on a full time employee. The client now has a fully custom data warehouse that meets all of their specific needs, and has the expertise of the Sysnet Technology Solutions professional to maintain all daily data warehousing operations.

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