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Services --- Custom Application Examples

Sysnet Technology Solutions has a comprehensive list of application and product development solutions. Our services encompass the full lifecycle of an application or product; from working closely with clients to identify needs through to designing, implementing and maintaining custom designed applications and products. We have designed solutions for a wide array of industries and functional areas, including business management, finance, human resources, operations, information technology, project tracking, project management, sales and marketing. We also have experience building applications and products for specialized industry verticals. We build our solutions to any specification, for any industry, and to meet any business need.

Examples of our application include:
  • Expense reimbursement and approval for business management and finance organizations
  • Business performance reporting, invoice management and request for proposals for business management and finance organizations
  • Job requisition, interview management and employee training for human resources organizations
  • Employee self-service benefits, absence requests and vacation schedule management for human resources organizations
  • Call centers and bug databases for operations and IT organizations
  • Help desk and inventory tracking for operations and IT organizations
  • Budgeting and timecard management for project tracking and management
  • document library, knowledge base, and discussion databases for project tracking and management
  • Competitive analysis and contacts management for sales and marketing organizations
  • Sales lead pipelines and integrated marketing campaign tracking for sales and marketing organizations
Examples of applications we have built for specialized verticals include:
  • Case management for government agencies
  • Classroom management
  • Clinical trial initiation and management
  • Event Planning
  • Manufacturing process management

In addition, Sysnet Technology Solutions, works hand in hand with Astir IT Solutions and Astir Analytics to offer a comprehensive suite of services from the Astir Family of Companies.

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