Use Cases --- Data Warehousing

In order to run more ad-hoc analyses and attain greater understanding of their data, this client wanted a full assessment on their current data warehousing model with recommendations for improvement. Working closely with the client to determine their needs, a full assessment was undertaken by Sysnet Technology Solutions, and functional improvements were recommended and implemented.

*The Problem-
After a full assessment of the current data warehousing system, it was determined that the current architecture was causing a series of problems effecting the quality of the data, as well as limited the access and speed to that data. The current system architecture created “data silos” that limited query access. Sysnet provided the resource outlining, cost estimates and quantifiable opportunities to the client to aid in their decision making.

*The Solution-
Sysnet Technology Solutions recommended a series of functional improvements designed to provide cleaner, more reliable information with clear road mapping strategies for timely access and clean queries. The result was a unified repository for all data, providing quicker access, and easier data cleanup. New data entry procedures were devised and standardized in order to ensure reliability, and the addition of increased analytics capabilities provided the desired ad-hoc queries to be run. The cleaner data was more quickly accessible; and the client now had stronger analytics tools for more in-depth analysis.

*Client Benefits-
With the newly standardized procedures, there was a clear reduction in the resource allocation and costs associated with maintaining their data warehousing system. The client gained faster access to cleaner data; resulting in increased productivity and improved decision making. Ultimately, this all translated into an increased ROI for their data warehousing that enabled the client to operate with a better understanding of their data.

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