Use Cases --- Data Warehousing and Reporting

This Sysnet Technology Solution client needed a new data repository that housed extremely sensitive information on a number of individuals. The data needed to be as clean as possible, with no duplications, and would need to be maintained. Additional analytic capabilities were needed in order to provide in-depth reports based on the individuals within the system.

*The Problem-
The sensitivity of the data being collected made it imperative that there be no redundancies within the system. The client needed an expert who could not only build this system, but maintain it and regularly generate detailed data analysis.

*The Solution-
Sysnet Technology Solutions provided a data warehouse engineer who designed and implemented a brand new data repository with a very high level of data security. The extreme sensitivity of the collected data forced the implementation of multiple layers of data security, including access control and object level security. Compiling external data sources and cleaning that data provided timely information access for customized analytics. The Astir engineer regularly performs detailed data analysis, including list reports, nested crosstabs, discontinuous crosstabs, and multi-functional charts to provide a high level of visibility into the data.

*Client Benefits-
The newly implemented data warehouse provided a clean and accurate dataset; something that was extremely important for the data queries needed by the client. Additionally, the client had a prominent need for a high level of security within this warehouse due to the sensitive data being stored.

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