Use Cases --- Database Management

Client needed a new database with stringent security standards due to HIPAA regulations. These security standards were based on HIPAA requirements, and would need to be maintained and updated regularly.

*The Problem-
Due to the sensitive nature of this client’s database, HIPAA guidelines added additional security requirements. In order to comply with these regulations, a new database structure as well as a new security layer was required. Additionally, an individual was needed to maintain the system, providing backups pivotal to the privacy issues.

*The Solution-
A Sysnet Database architect designed a new, customized database to meet and exceed the client needs and new levels of security were integrated in order to meet all necessary privacy and HIPAA regulations. In addition, back end support was provided for updates to both the system and system users.

*Client Benefits-
The new database provided the different security requirements as posed by HIPAA regulations, and the ongoing maintenance ensured compliance on all fronts.

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