Use Cases --- EDI

Client wanted to make the transition from paper based information sharing to a full EDI system, in order to dramatically increase efficiency.

*The Problem-
This client had historically used paper communications for all information sharing, and officially, paper documents are still required for proper record keeping. The lengthy history of using paper based information sharing and the non-existent use of technology for that purpose would mean buy-in around the organization would be difficult. Additionally, the sheer size of the operation and the dramatic change an electronic information system would be pose unique challenges. In essence, this EDI system would be built from the ground up after a full discovery phase where requirements would become apparent.

*The Solution-
Sysnet Technology Solutions worked very closely with the client over a long period of time to fully understand what the transition from a paper system to a full EDI system would entail. This led to a detailed strategy and step by step plan for a gradual implementation with rigorous training. The gradual implementation, coupled with training would help increase buy-in around the organization. Working closely with the client, gaining feedback at each juncture and adjusting throughout the implementation process helped the organization make a successful transition to an EDI system. This was coupled with standardized procedures that ensured the new EDI system would continue to be successful and meet all client needs.

*Client Benefits-
For the client, this was an extreme change to their organization and radically changed their day to day operations. The strategic pace of the EDI integration by Sysnet allowed the organization to smoothly adjust to the changes and increased the buy-in from different departments. After the integration was complete, the realization of benefits was immediate, as efficiency expanded exponentially and information sharing became instantaneous between departments.

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