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Technology has become an integral part of daily business operations. In fact, business are more reliant on technology than ever before. From daily operations to business applications, or running servers and networks, businesses depend on reliable, easy to use technology. Therefore, it is extremely critical for business to ensure this technology is up and running correctly.

Sysnet Technology Solutions provides the personnel, services and products businesses need to manage these critical technology systems. Our Infrastructure Management and Support Services are designed to upkeep complex systems and networks; and eliminate or minimize any downtime. Sysnet provides the personnel, expertise and training that most organizations are unable to provide their internal resources.

Below is a partial list of the Infrastructure Management and Support Services we offer:
  • Database and Windows Server Management
  • Upgrades, Patches, and Fixes Management
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • User Security Management
  • Database Migration
  • Database Tuning

In addition, Sysnet Technology Solutions, works hand in hand with Astir IT Solutions and Astir Analytics to offer a comprehensive suite of services from the Astir Family of Companies.

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