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Data collection and analysis is a fundamental aspect of understanding your employees, your customers, and your business. And although this is critical for many businesses, it is something that is often neglected. Many do not fully understand just how to collect data correctly, while others fall down when they try to analyze data. Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, you need to properly collect data and analyze it; which ultimately drives your strategies, resource utilization, and business decision making.

Sysnet Technology Solutions is developing a survey engine that can improve your understanding of your customers, clients, and employees. The survey engine will enable businesses to create custom data collection tools that incorporate multiple question types, logic and control options, question sequencing, pagination, etc. The resulting data collection tools can be used to survey a target population and elicit tremendous amounts of detailed information

  • Survey Creation
  • Survey Options
  • Question Creation

    The Sysnet survey engine will also include management methodologies for the tracking of your survey recipients. As surveys are implemented and recipients begin providing answers, the robust reporting module will measure and analyze the resulting data. The Sysnet survey engine will provide multiple levels of reporting, including dashboards, summary level reports, and customizable info-graphics.

  • Recipients Listing
  • Application Dashboard
  • Reporting
    Survey Engine Features:
    • Multiple Question Types
    • Standard Templates
    • Custom Templates
    • Cross Sectional Analysis
    • Trended Analysis
    • And More…

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