Use Cases --- System Upgrade (SAP)

Client needed to upgrade their SAP technology, including 10 years’ worth of custom functionality that had been previously implemented. An SAP expert was needed who could translate the previous customizations into the new technology with a very strict deadline.

*The Problem-
This client had been using SAP 4.6c for a significant amount of time, and over the years had developed a tremendous amount of custom functionality within that technology. The decision was made for Sysnet Technology Solutions to migrate the client to SAP ECC 6.0/AFS 6.3, and a timeframe of 10 months was given. This was a very aggressive expansion goal, and the client needed an expert architect group to analyze, develop, and implement robust strategies to achieve this goal.

*The Solution-
Sysnet Technology Solutions provided a SAP architect expert to head up the technological team responsible for making this upgrade. This individual was charged with developing coding standards, best practices, and coding guidelines in order for the other architects to successfully migrate to the new technology. In addition, this individual performed regular design and implementation reviews to ensure that the team was adhering to the coding standards, and monitor the system performance.

*Client Benefits-
The project was completed ahead of schedule, and due to the operational efficiency of the team and team leader, there was zero downtime for all client business activities.

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