Use Cases --- Testing Automation

This client was in need of quality assurance testing, but needed to drastically cut the resources and costs it had previously associated with this testing. Therefore, Sysnet Technology Solutions provided a professional who designed an automated testing system that saved over 36,000 testing hours per annum, decreased regression run time by 78%, and provided an immediate ROI within 2 cycles.

*The Problem-
The client had over 55 separate applications they needed to test with over 1200 manual test cases. The need to test was compounded by the need to reduce the cost and turnaround time for these tests. The decision to seek out an automated test system was made, and a Sysnet professional was brought in to design the automated testing system.

*The Solution-
The Sysnet Technology Solutions automation engineer worked with the client in understanding the best strategy in completing the testing goals while reducing cost, resource, and time consumption. A robust and scalable automated regression test framework was created, providing over 1200 functional test cases while being expandable. This solution immediately saved 11,000 man hours, and decreased the regression run time by 78% when compared to the previous rounds of manual testing. In addition, a cross browser testing framework was designed to further increase the testing efficiency. The Sysnet engineer designed a cross browser testing platform that would test 18 separate operating system and browser configurations, adding an additional 3600 test cases for each testing cycle. This saved the client an additional 25,000 hours of manual testing, and reduced the cross browser regression time by 65%.

*Client Benefits-
The system designed and maintained by the Sysnet professional saved the company a significant amount of manual testing hours, dramatically reducing costs and turnaround times. The design of the automated testing platform enabled a very wide range of test cases to be administered, providing a full and detailed set of tests for all applications.

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