About Us --- History

Sysnet Technology Solutions was founded in 2003 in San Jose, California as an IT consulting and outsourcing firm. In each year of operation, Sysnet saw significant growth, adding clients, employees, products, and services. Between the years of 2005 and 2007, Sysnet saw a revenue boom of over 300%, prompting the company to be listed as among the top 10 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Sysnet personnel were servicing clients across the United States, and there were Sysnet offices in both California and India.

In 2010, Sysnet Technology Solutions became a part of the Astir Family of Companies, which includes Astir IT Solutions, Inc. (www.astirit.com) and Astir Analytics (www.astiranalytics.com). Astir IT Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a small company consisting of 2 people with 1 vision. Today, Astir IT Solutions operates with offices in California, New Jersey, and India. A company of over 250 employees, Astir IT services clients all across the United States. Astir Analytics was founded by Astir IT Solutions in 2009 during a period of significant growth. Astir Analytics is a marketing analytics firm that provides cutting-edge Business Intelligence solutions to clients who need to pull together key data components and demonstrate the value of their marketing and sales organizations.

The addition of Sysnet Technology Solutions to the Astir Family of Companies has resulted in a tremendous growth of knowledge, services, and solutions. The tremendous knowledge sharing between each company has created a boom in expertise, allowing for more solutions to be provided to more industries. Sysnet Technology Solutions, Astir IT Solutions and Astir Analytics have more satisfied employees and clients than ever because of our collaborative approach.

We here at Sysnet Technology Solutions and the Astir Family of Companies look forward to serving your organization.

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