About Us --- Why Sysnet

With all of the software, IT sourcing, and outsourcing firms on the market, why is Sysnet the best choice?

Sysnet Technology Solutions provides clients with a combination of extensive business experience and a vast wealth of technical expertise. We work closely with clients in order to fully understand their business needs, and custom tailor solutions that help them reach their goals. Our business model places a strong emphasis on collaboration, from helping clients understand their needs to training client IT staff so they can take ownership of a newly implemented data management system. In addition, as a member of the Astir Family of Companies, Sysnet Technology Solutions can draw upon the talent and expertise of Astir IT Solutions (www.astirit.com) and Astir Analytics (www.astiranalytics.com). This is done in a seamless manner in order to add value to our clients.

Our development center, data warehouses, and hosts employ the most advanced forms of data and physical security available. Our development center is protected by a complete access control system, including restricted mobile device usage and the utilization of data, power, and temperature control backups. Additionally, our warehousing and host systems are secured using multiple layers of digital security.

We emphasize security at every step of the development and data management process. Our personnel are well versed in the latest digital security systems and will architect according to your exact security specifications. We ensure that the solutions we provide are secured using the most advanced techniques available.

For us, quality is paramount. We have built a reputation on delivering top quality products and services to our clients. Working closely with our clients and fully understanding their needs, coupled with our extensive experience and expertise enable us to provide high quality solutions. In addition, we offer a tremendous amount of flexibility in our solutions, providing onsite, offsite, and offshore options.

Dedicated Resources-
We employ an extremely rigorous screening process that is coupled with generous compensation to ensure we provide our customers with only the best talent available. When we have a client engagement, we hand-pick a team of technical experts that are perfect matches for the explicit client need. This team is then dedicated to that client as an extension of their in-house IT group. We are proud to have an extraordinarily high staff retention rate; which adds to our long-term stability and reputation for both employee and customer satisfaction. We are also proud that our workforce is 100% employee based.

Our streamlined processes, efficient business model, and flexible solution options enable us to provide extremely cost-effective pricing. When becoming a Sysnet client, we offer you the IT expertise you need without taking on the associated costs of hiring full-time resources. In addition, for those with tighter budget restrictions, our offshore solutions provide further cost-effectiveness.

E-Verify Certification-
Sysnet Technology Solutions is certified by E-Verify, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s electronic employment eligibility verification system. This is a top-rated application tracking system that integrates with a number of federal programs. This voluntary program allows employers to electronically verify employee information against federal databases. Having an E-Verify certification allows us to further streamline the hiring process, maintain a legal workforce, improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, and eliminates Social Security mismatches. This translates into a more efficient human resources system, freeing up resources so we can maintain a more cost-effective pricing model.

ISO 90001:2000 Certification-
This certification falls under a family of standards for quality management systems. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is administered by accreditation and certification bodies.

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